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Top Tips For Garden Waste Removal

In need of garden waste removal? From plants and trees to concrete and rubble, we can help tidy up your property. Whether you’ve undertaken a landscaping project or just simply let things build up, there are many benefits to getting a professional clear-up. For one, you don’t have to do any of the work. Less effort means less stress, so you can have peace of mind everything is taken care of.

Here are our top tips for clearing the backyard:

Spring Cleaning

A popular time to tend to your garden is in the Spring. The rule of thumb is to wait for a week of consistently neutral temperatures after the winter months before starting. 

It’s important to protect the pollinators outside. This is the time of the year for weeding, sowing and cutting. It may be wise to organise a garden waste removal for this time of year in preparation for the summer months, as it will produce a lot of rubbish.

garden rubbish piled up
soil being taken away in a van

Separate Materials Before Garden Waste Removal

Although it’s not necessary, splitting items up into categories will help make the service more efficient. If you’re completing a project, it may be worthwhile organising piles of waste as you go along. Keeping things like plants, timber and rubble in separate piles will help when it comes to collection and recycling. 

Take this opportunity to also ensure that no hazardous material is included in the rubbish, as this won’t be accepted in your garden waste removal.

Compost What You Can

If you’re looking for ways to keep your property clear, it may be wise to start composting. Leaves and grass cuttings can be turned into biowaste. Not only will this help organise the place, but it will also make nutritious food for your garden.

Utilise Garden Waste Removal Services

Choose the Right Service:

  • Local Council Services: Many UK councils offer regular garden waste collection services. Check your local council’s website for schedules, costs, and accepted waste types. This is often the most straightforward option for routine garden waste removal.
  • Private Waste Removal Companies: For more frequent or large-scale garden waste removal, consider hiring private garden waste removal companies. These services can often handle larger volumes and offer flexible scheduling.

Prepare Your Waste:

  • Segregate Waste: Separate different types of garden waste (e.g., grass clippings, branches, leaves) to facilitate easier collection and processing.
  • Bag and Bundle: Place smaller waste items in biodegradable garden waste bags. Bundle larger branches and twigs securely for easy handling.

Follow Collection Guidelines:

  • Schedule Adherence: Place your garden waste at the collection point (e.g., kerbside) according to the service’s schedule to ensure timely pick-up.
  • Volume Limits: Be aware of any volume or weight restrictions imposed by the service provider to avoid extra charges or refusal of service.
  • Container Use: Use designated garden waste bins or bags provided by the service, ensuring they are easily accessible to the collectors.

Additional Tips for Effective Garden Waste Management:

Book in Advance:

  • When using private waste removal services, book in advance to secure your preferred date and avoid delays, especially during peak gardening seasons.

Consider a Skip Hire:

  • For substantial garden clearance projects, hiring a skip might be more practical. Companies like SkipHire UK offer various sizes and will handle the waste disposal for you.

Check for Special Collections:

  • Some councils offer special collections for large garden waste items or seasonal services for things like Christmas tree disposal.

By incorporating these tips into your garden maintenance routine, you can efficiently manage and remove garden waste while contributing to a healthier environment and more sustainable gardening practices in the UK

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